About Thoughtglut

Cogito Ergo Effundo: I think, therefore I overflow.

I created Thoughtglut as an outlet for various musings, thoughts, rants, observations, questions, and… and… and well, lots of stuff. Some may be useful, others notsomuch.  But since I’m filled to the brim and beyond by reflections on our world and the goings-on here, what better place to overflow publicly than the internet? Maybe this will keep me off the list of citizens likely to go postal.

I hope you can use, enjoy, or at least are distracted by these pages, and I welcome your comments. I do, however, reserve the right to edit your comments for brevity, clarity, and whateverotherreasonImaythinkof, and I may not post them at all if they irredeemable. Plus, I may make fun of you, if your comments are moronic and if I’m in the mood. Eh, life is risk, ain’t it?

Oh yeah… about product links. I may add links to products I like and use. I might get paid a pittance if you buy them. Just sayin.

Ok, those are the basics. Join the fun.  Think.  Overflow.