Mindful Consumption

by David on April 29, 2011

This was originally posted on St. Andrew’s Blog, and is by Meredith Lancaster, a member of St. Andrew’s


loaf of breadSt Andrew’s has a theology that calls us away from relinquishing our lives to corporate control. Rather, we are challenged to live our lives with depth while celebrating God in one another. We, in so many ways, live what we talk. We go to rallies. We recycle. We provide food to the pantry and help the homeless.

In a desire to live out our theology, we in the garden committee are asking what it would take for us to step away from corporate/ petroleum based control of our food. So, let’s think about where we get our ‘daily bread’. Do we buy our bread from a store or make it ourselves? From where does the flour come? Who mills and grows the wheat? How does it get to the store? Who manufactures the truck? What fuel does the truck use? Escaping corporate control is clearly complex and can get overwhelming.

On the other hand, what are the hidden costs to buying our bread the way we do? Some of you may have heard P. Sainath, the Indian activist who talks about farm displacements in India and resulting suicides. His talks beg the question: Whose lives are changed, and how, when we choose how we get our daily bread? But, if corporate farms are not feeding people how will that happen?

We offer no answers. All we ask is that when you go through your days this month that you pause to consider: What do we mean when we pray…’Give us this day, our daily bread’? Let’s ask ourselves if the way we are getting our daily bread now is really the choice we want to make. And if not this way… how?

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