But What if Business Makes You Retch?

by Marilyn on May 2, 2011

I’ve been innundated with well meaning emails from people in the music business about making music more of a business. I’ve dutifully followed all kinds of advice about marketing myself and making up business cards and following through and participating in the intricate dance of selling my self to sell my songs. But in that last sentence lies my quandary: business makes us all whores.
I stopped being business like about much of anything a few years back. I keep records yes, I do good work. I’m pleasant to people, but I can’t stand marketing, sales or networking to get ahead. I hate analyzing every life situation to find out how I can exploit it to make money, yet these emails and posts I keep getting are urging me to do just that.
I suppose I won’t ever make it rich, but I’m happier when I don’t do business. Way happier.
I also hate suits, offices, panty hose, briefcases and meetings. Meetings most of all.
If you wanted to describe a perfect vision of hell to me, it would be an endless business meeting with every horrible speaker I’ve ever endured going on at length about “parameters and new paradigms”. The table would have a large stack of papers written largely in passive voice and peppered with nonexistent, incoherent words.
I have to go lie down now before I continue.

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brm November 18, 2012 at 5:34 pm

I agree with you about “being a business” removes the joy of making/producing/inventing whatever. It’s a sad state in affairs that we need to make a living – earn money to pay our way, save money for the proverbial rainy day or for security in our elder life. It continually gets in the way of the creative process yet we have little in the way of choices to make it be otherwise (unless we can inherit that money and thus profit from our forebearer’s labor). The only other path I see is a career in one of the creative fields we long for. And, I know, such endevors aren’t always sufficiently profitable. There’s the rub. Is this what’s meant by “hell on earth”?


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