Gotta Get Past Simple Answers

by David on July 25, 2013

This thought came from an article I just read by Robert Reich. The title is “Why Republicans Are Disciplined and Democrats Aren’t.” Reich writes about the different types of people that are attracted to the two main parties.

“The difference has to do with the kind of personalities the two parties attract. People who respect authority, follow orders, want clear answers, obey commands, and prefer precise organization and control, tend to gravitate toward Republicans.

On the other hand, people who don’t much like authority, recoil from orders, don’t believe in clear answers, often disobey commands, and prefer things a bit undefined, tend to gravitate to the Democrats.

In short, the Republican Party is the party of the authoritarian personality; the Democratic Party is the party of the anti-authoritarian personality.”

That is interesting in itself, but my point in this post was inspired by the last of the article: “This means Republicans will almost always be more disciplined about voting and messaging than the Democrats. Which gives the GOP an advantage in times like this, when the two parties are at war with each other — and when so many Americans, angry and confused, are looking for simple answers.” [my emphasis]

As long as we are not willing to embrace the complexities of our problems, we will not be willing to make the kinds of changes that need to be made to solve those problems. The simple answers are not the correct ones. And if the leaders of any party say that their simple answer will work, they are either deluded or lying. When we stop looking for – and are not satisfied by – the simple answers that some leaders would like us to believe, we can begin to take steps to truly solve our problems. If we do not do this, not only will our problems stay unsolved, but self-serving individuals and corporations will continue to profit from our obliviousness.

Read the whole article by Robert Reich.

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